July, 18, 2011

I have not seen any sprayed in LA for the past few months. It was heavy
spraying in late 2010, but it somehow (thank goodness) stopped.

Aug, 15, 2012

Info Provided By: TheManfromNibiru, http://www.youtube.com/user/TheManfromNibiru
They've been using DT and mixing it with diesel and spraying the fuck out of Florida , killing everything and getting alot people sick and even people have died . Thousands Law suites later they stiil dont give a shit. Spray what ever they want . Alot of cancer . Alot wild life i dont see any more . You can go into the EverGlades and not see squirels ,rabbits,snakes , owels on and on . Its changed . The Aligator is infested with all sorts of toxins but they continue to expand . The Controled burns have chased out wild life . Being sprayed with God knows what?

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